AGRofood sustainable gOalS.

MONTHS project duration


AGROS brings 6 key partners from 6 different countries (GR, CY, ES, LT, RS & HR) which are dealing with Agro-food sector, green skills and Education, providing coherent response to the challenges facing the sector by complementing and adding value to existing initiatives.
The overall aim of AGROS is to enhance knowledgeof the professionals in Agro-food sector across EU, retrain and upskill workers employed in othersectors and/or people currently unemployed by transferring a dynamic methodology and a set of materials based on SDGs and innovative approaches related to Food, strengthening cooperationbetween industry and education, provide professionals/ educators/ trainers a new assessment tool which will give them the opportunity to assess their skills related on the new demand skills of the Agro-food sector and the SDGs, to fill the skills gap in this sector and to raise awareness of Agro-Food Careers and tools via the creation of a dedicated Hub.


– Change the way of thinking of different communities in the partner’s countries, to a more comprehensive approach, establishing the food sector in one of the most attractive areas in EU.
– Establish a new integrated approach to create real impact through a balanced and synergistic relationship between industrial development, academic research and innovation, and coupling private and public end-users requirements.
– Spread the seed, stimulate new and cutting-edge integrated activities and develop actions designed to successfully react to modern challenges.
– Boost the sustainable economic growth of the EU food sector, upgrading the services of the food environment, its resources and the cultural heritage in the most sustainable way.
– Offer new chances to implement professional skills of interest for the Agro-food sector.
– Boost self-employment, through the active empowerment of young people in with actions that support the effective implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe and foster the creation of economic activity with a special focus on them.
– Promotion of business initiatives for the sustainable development of rural areas.
– Enhance the human development, and ultimately achieve the global goals.


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